AdWords Campaign

1. Click on "Start Now" or "Subscribe Now" button on the page

2. Next page, select the standard version, and click Continue

3. Next, choose your language, choose the "countries and territories." Click Continue

4. This next, see if Google has added automatically in your selected countries and regions text area. If yes, click on the country, and click Remove. Instead, we will add "All countries and regions", click Continue

5. On this page, you will need to create an ad fake. This is what I do:

Title: Doll ad

Description line 1: just a sample of the ad doll

Description line 2: Yes, my ads 1

Display URL:

Destination URL:

6. This step is the most important part. You will need to create a list of keywords that will determine when your ads will be displayed. If you are promoting Nokia 6600, and then create a list of all possible query string that will search the person while they are looking for Nokia 6600. For example:

Nokia 6600 Charger

"Nokia 6600 Charger"

[Nokia 6600 Charger]

Cheap Nokia 6600 Charger


Etc. ...

I am going to explain what the keyword, "keyword", keyword, and - I mean the mark.

The word is the so-called broad match. If you include a digital camera in the list of keywords, your ads will appear when a series of user query on the "digital" and "cameras", in any order, possibly along with other terms, including the collection and the relevant differences.

"Word" is called matching the sentence. If you enter your keyword in quotation marks, your ad will appear when a user in the "digital camera" is in this system.

[Keyword] is called an exact match. If the keyword is surrounded by braces, and your ads will appear when users search for specific words without any other terms in the query.

Is called the Word, and negative words are used to prevent the entire campaigns from showing on a particular query by appling negativ words to them. Can negative keywords to help you reach prospects most appropriate.