AdSense Income

I have a friend who uses a custom Google search engine along with the AdSense program with great success. Google search engine, custom search engine using AdSense is available to anyone who has an account AdSense.

If you were not aware of how it works search engine, read on.

Google Custom Search Engine Google search box is easy ... On steroids. Can be found on the sign-up page by doing a search in Google for "CSE Google." It does not cost anything to register for the custom search engine.

Basically, what allows you to do is to customize search results from a Google search on your site. You have the ability to make the results very relevant to your niche.

Let's say you wish to place your target to be one of the keywords "Eye of the problem." You first create a fully optimized site like normal. But then it will also go to your CSE and create a custom search engine and fill it with links to the best possible you could find the "eye problems". The use of all type of sites you can find WebMD.

While in your CSE also specify the number AdSense account so that all clicks within will credit your AdSense account. While creating the account, make sure that you want the AdSense ads to appear above the search results. In my opinion, the custom search engine to generate foot high above the ads with the highest organic results.

The idea here is to make a custom search engine very valuable for users to make multiple searches with him, and thus spend more time there, and perhaps above ads one or two.

Next, on the page above the search box, you can have a title like this: "Do a search for an eye doctor in a city or state."

Then in the small text you could give an example such as: "Austin ophthalmologists"

When a visitor then the search with his or her hometown to ophthalmologists, and some very targeted ads AdSense to appear. This is a very high CTR, and many of the ads and say, "Austin eye doctor." And the people above!

As I said, I know people do this with many different areas and very successful at that.

Think about it! This method offers up a whole new evolution in the use of AdSense. There are thousands of possible ideas that will work very well. At any time, people may search for the exact locations, and types of model accurately, everything to be exact, is the time to use the Google Custom Search Engine.